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Capital Investors
  • Are You Seeking A Secured Investment With High Yields?
  • Believe there are Buy Opportunities in Today’s Real Estate Market, i.e. Foreclosures & Short Sales?
  • But, Don't Want the Hassle of Property Management, Loan Origination or Servicing?

Have you considered Rehab Loans?
  • Easy to Understand
  • NO Complicated Securitizations, NO Derivatives
  • Secured by Individual Properties
  • Offering Diversification
  • Improving Communities

Brookview Financial, a premier “rehab” lender, makes loans for the purchase and renovation of 1-4 family properties throughout the country. All private notes are private money secured by first mortgages or deed of trusts.

Given our long track record and national reputation, Brookview often receives inquiries from private individuals, lenders and other financial institutions interested in learning how to achieve the attractive returns of rehab lending. To assist capital investors, we have provided some general information below. We hope you find it both helpful and educational.

To learn more about the potential high yields in private mortgage lending, click on the link below to view our webinar.

Anthony Funaro
President and CEO

For those interested in secured rehab lending with attractive yields, there are typical three ways for investors to invest….


  • Capital Investors can make loans on a "direct" basis to rehab investors to achieve attractive returns on investment. In fact, the CEO of Brookview started his involvement in the private mortgage arena many years ago by making direct private loans to property rehabbers. It’s a great way to invest for those who have the ability to find qualified borrowers, screen for only “good” deals, and monitor the progress of repairs.

  • Capital Investors seeking assistance in originating and analyzing potential deals can purchase existing loans originated and underwritten by companies such as Brookview, whose full-time business is originating and analyzing such loans. By purchasing existing loans, you can benefit from the origination prowess and deal analysis of the underwriter. Such loans can be purchased on a servicing-retained basis, where companies such as Brookview would perform all the deal monitoring and servicing. Capital Investors can achieve attractive returns without the cost and complications of originating, underwriting and servicing.
    Brookview would be pleased to speak with Capital Investors regarding establishing a loan purchase program tailored to your investment requirements.

    Click here to learn about Brookview’s Correspondent Investor Program

  • INVESTING in a specialized FUND

  • There are investment funds which allow Capital Investors to benefit from the deal origination, transaction analysis, and ongoing loan monitoring skills of the specialist fund manager as well as achieve portfolio diversification as their investment represents only a portion of the overall fund’s portfolio. There are a number of such public or private funds available and you may wish to consult your financial advisor in this regard.
    Click on the link below to view our webinar to learn more about the attractive yields in private mortgage lending.

Interested in learning more about building a profitable portfolio of Rehab Loans?
Brookview would be pleased to speak with you.
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The Brookview Lending Model

Our model is simple, yet sophisticated. First, we underwrite the old-fashioned way, establishing relationships with good credit borrowers who want to do repeat business. We only loan on a first lien position basis and on deals that make sense for the borrower and the community. We have also built systemized processes utilizing modern technology for quick-close transactions. Our team members are proud of their role in revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership as well as increasing the supply of entry-level housing in our country.

Seeking to only underwrite solid loans, Brookview has developed rigorous proprietary underwriting criteria and processes. In underwriting loans, Brookview conducts a comprehensive review of both the prospective borrower as well as the specific property. We only make loans to borrowers with strong credit records and that are collateralized by residential properties in loan amounts not exceeding 70% of the After-Repair Value.

  • Borrowers
  • Our rehab borrowers typically have credit scores ranging from 640-800+ with an average credit score of over 700. Brookview is not in the business of making loans to sub-prime borrowers. Borrowers must also have sufficient capital to put into the deal as well as adequate liquidity to fund interest and the repair reserves. Brookview only loans to high credit quality borrowers who have a significant amount of their own capital at risk and sufficient reserves to fund the deal to its successful completion.
  • Properties
  • Brookview only makes loans on certain types of real estate and up to a maximum of 70% of the After-Repair Value of a property. All loans are short term - typically between 6-18 months - and collateralized by residential properties in a first lien position. Only properties meeting certain additional criteria will be funded to reasonably assure that once the renovation of the properties are complete, the properties will appeal to a broad spectrum of potential homeowners or investors.
  • Deal Monitoring
  • After loans are made, Brookview continues to actively monitor the outstanding deals. Our dedicated and experienced team utilizes robust systems to monitor and safeguard existing loans on a continuous basis.
  • Supporting Our Borrowers’ Success.
  • Brookview actively seeks to maximize the success of its borrowers by offering extensive Education in rehabbing, and sharing valuable Contacts and Expertise. Over the past 12 months, Brookview has trained over 3,500 individuals on the best practices when renovating and selling houses. Further, Brookview has established strong relationships with take-out refinancing sources and provides valuable assistance to those borrowers wishing to hold properties for long-term investments. Brookview seeks to empower its borrowers to achieve successful exit strategies such that they can repay their loans with Brookview on a timely basis and move on to renovating another project.