Brookview Financial Rehab Loans

Notice to Investors to Our Company

In 2008, we became aware that another company, calling themselves Brookview Financial Services in Ohio, was misrepresenting consumers by claiming to make small consumer loans and attempting to infringe upon the good name of Brookview Financial, Inc. Such misrepresentation also involved other reputable companies along with Brookview Financial, such as Vanguard Funds. Be assured that the company formerly known as Brookview Financial Services in Cleveland, Ohio is NOT Brookview Financial, Inc., the national rehab lender headquartered in Connecticut.

Brookview Financial Services, Cleveland, Ohio Complaints, or Brookview Financial Scam, is NOT Brookview Financial, Inc., the nation’s premier rehab lender celebrating over 20 years of helping investors succeed. Fortunately, the Brookview Financial Services scam was quickly discovered and this fraudulent company is no longer in business, in part due to our rapid response. We are grateful that the good name and excellent reputation of Brookview Financial, Inc. is well known and established throughout the investor community, thanks to our loyal customers and affiliates.

If you are new to our company or the industry and have any questions in this regard, we would be pleased to provide you with any one of thousands of positive references from successful borrowers and industry affiliates. You may also visit the Brookview Financial Reviews, Comments and Testimonials page, and our Brookview Club Testimonials. We are the one and only Brookview Financial and have been helping real estate investors succeed for over 20 years. Thanks for your continued support!


Anthony Funaro
President and CEO

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