Residential Project Videos

A Reputable Lender

LeVar explains that he found several knowledgeable residential investment professionals who recommended Brookview Financial. He goes on to explain that “when you need that draw” Brookview “communicates with you and gets it to you in a very timely fashion“.  And every investor knows that time is money!

First Fix and Flip Completed

Ricardo just completed his first fix and flip project and speaks about his experience with Brookview Financial.  He says Brookview is “always right there when you have questions” and when you send the draw requests, “you get the money right away.”

Bringing my business where I want it to go

Dawn describes a $30-40K renovation project she completed and describes her relationship with Brookview Financial as a partnership.  She explains that Brookview has open communication.  As she says, Brookview “is very transparent … and I like that about them”. 

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