Approval Activation Credit Line – For Fix & Flip Investors

Many fix & flip investors who come to Brookview have not yet identified a property to purchase and rehab.  These investors are also uncomfortable making offers before being credit approved. If you anticipate buying properties in the near future, we can preapprove you for a credit facility, which we call being “Activated” with us.  Being activated with a Brookview credit facility allows you to make offers with confidence.

How Activation Works

The process of getting activated with Brookview is quick and easy

  1. Complete the Application. Apply in minutes. If you have any questions or concerns while completing the application, our knowledgeable account managers are available to help you and can even take your application over the phone.
  2. Receive Your Approval.  Once you are credit approved (typically the same day), you will receive a detailed letter outlining the terms of your approval.  You should review the terms before activating.
  3. Activate Your Approval. If the terms are acceptable to you, sign and return the terms letter along with a deposit of 1% of your approval amount.  The activation deposit is a sign of good faith of your intent to use our capital and secure funding. The deposit will be credited toward your deal closing costs.
  4. Make Offers with Confidence.  The rehab business happens quickly. The best opportunities go to those investors who have their working team in place and their capital partner engaged in every step of the transaction. You now have access to all the benefits of a Brookview Activation.

Other Activation Benefits

Activation with Brookview is more than just a line of credit.  There are many other benefits to being Activated with us, including:

A Second Set-of-Eyes– The Brookview Team brings over 100 years of combined hands-on real estate investment experience through thousands of transactions. We offer guidance on every deal, even before you have it under contract. An activated borrower can have unlimited access to our team and our vast knowledge of real estate transactions. Brookview is in a unique position to help our borrowers avoid the pitfalls of bad deals and we can even advise in negotiations to ensure you make profitable decisions.

Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters- Having your capital partner in place while making offers puts you at an advantage over other investors. Proof of Funds Letters will enable you to make competitive offers on your properties and prove to sellers that you are financially capable to close. Both you and the seller can be confident that if the property meets our guidelines, the loan will close.

Credit Applied to Closing Costs- While the activation charge is non-refundable, it may be credited towards the closing of any deal with Brookview during your activation period. You can do a deal, get a credit back, while keeping all the other benefits of activation.

Investor Hotline

New to Brookview, we are proud to offer an Investor Hotline! As part of being Activated with Brookview, you will also have access to our Investor Hotline, often an invaluable service when making offers, estimating and completing repairs, and determining completed values and best sales strategies. This Hotline is staffed by seasoned investors who are buying, rehabbing and selling properties every day.

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