Commercial Bridge

Time Sensitive Deals
Close as Fast as 14 Days
$2 million to $50+ million
Rates starting at SOFR +400,
Value-Add/Transitional Real Estate

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Special Situations

Mezzanine Loans
Discounted Note Purchases
Pre-Development Loans
Construction Loans
Agency Options… And More

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Fix & Flip

Same Day Approvals
Close as Fast as 7 days
$75,000 to $1,500,000
Rates Starting at 9.99%
Credit Lines Available

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Brookview is a seasoned boutique private lender providing creative quick-close financing solutions for your real estate projects. Founded in 1992, we have been the trusted capital partner to thousands of real estate investors nationwide. We offer personal service, flexible terms and creative solutions. Our direct loans provide acquisition and improvement funding ranging from residential fix & flip to larger commercial bridge projects up to $50 million. We can close as fast 7 days. We are nimble, flexible and exceptionally responsive. Learn more.

Featured Commercial Bridge Loans

Memphis, TN

Loan Amount: $1.2 million

New Haven, CT

Loan Amount: $4.5 million

Plano, TX

Loan Amount: $3.9 million


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