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You Value Our Caring

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You have the vision and the heart, and you are really out to help people.
Wanda P.Investor
The Brookview staff is so warm-hearted and I could feel that they really want to help you, in as far as they could.
Rachel A.Investor
I applied to Brookview and got approved. Brookview explained to me what I can do and what I can't do, and it just shows they are looking out for my best interest.
Karl G.Investor
There is a sensitivity on your part for the people, and it's a people business. That's important to me.
Charlie K.Investor

You Value Our Knowledge and Execution

Brookview’s staff is professional and our business is more successful when we have access to such reliable financing.
Alex L.Investor
Brookview gave me the confidence to make offers on deals, knowing I could close quickly, and start building my business right away.
Jewell S.Investor
Their ability to close quickly and provide proof of funds helped us close more deals by giving the sellers piece of mind.
Ben S.Investor
I have referred many of my peers to Brookview. They allow access to quick and consistent funds.
Tanya P.Investor
The application process was easy and the whole team has been extremely helpful and responsive to my company’s specific needs. I couldn’t have left my Wall Street job without Brookview's help.
Jewell S.Investor
Brookview's knowledge of the business reduces processing time while maintaining quality.
Alex LInvestor
I gave Brookview a try and it was the best step I could have taken. They have been absolutely fantastic! My Account Manager mentored me, as a teacher and a friend. The team is always there to answer questions.
Tanya P.Investor
Brookview provides an excellent education and financing mixture that gives real estate investors effective entrance and exit strategies when investing in properties.
Joe S.Mortgage Broker
Brookview gives investors, whether beginners or half-way there, a standing point of reality: what you are looking for in a house and how to invest properly.
Arkesh P.Investor
Brookview teaches you how to make a deal happen and get it completed, which is very important. At the end of the day, you will have completed transactions you never thought possible.
Bruno C.Investor
I have been working with Brookview Financial since 2007 and I fully recommend Brookview as part of a financial plan with an emphasis on safety, liquidity and total return.
Paul K.Mortgage Broker

 You Value Our Integrity and Professionalism

My relationship with Brookview spans at least 10 years. They have always been courteous and professional. I am impressed with Brookview closers who expect an accurate appraisal to protect borrowers.
Bob N.Appraiser
Brookview's professionalism, integrity and commitment to client service are second to none in our industry.
Raj B.Appraiser
From the CEO (A.J.) down to the loan processors, we have found everyone [at Brookview] is focused on making it work professionally so the rehabber walks away from the table with value.
Mike W.Insurer
It is truly a pleasure to work with people who are not only competent, but actually look at their borrowers as individuals on their own merits. Brookview is a one-of-a-kind find.
Rose S.Investor
The entire Brookview team is of the highest caliber personnel we deal with. Not only are they extremely well versed in the positions they hold, they are also very congenial and friendly.
Jan J.Title Agent
The staff at Brookview has been great, from Account Managers and closers, to the accountants who helped me stay within my budget and keep my project on schedule. Thank you Brookview for all your help and support.
Carl L.Investor
AJ Funaro's knowledge, character and sense of fairness are qualities that I demand of a private mortgage lender and are why I refer both my novice and my experienced clients to Brookview.
Paul K.Mortgage Broker
I can't say enough about the professional manner Brookview has shown in helping me through my first rehab.
Carl L.Investor
The investors who borrow from Brookview keep going back again and again, and why not!? Once you find perfection, you stay with it.
Jan J.Title Agent
All of our experiences with Brookview Financial throughout the years have been smooth and pleasurable. It has been an absolute joy to do work for Brookview.
Kimberly R.Appraiser

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