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Brookview is a private mortgage lender providing acquisition and renovation financing on investment residential and commercial real estate. We specialize in value-add situations. Our lending programs range from 1-4 family Fix & Flip loans to larger bridge loans on commercial properties up to $50 million. We do not lend on owner occupied residences.
Speed and flexibility are two primary reasons why investors use a private mortgage lender such as Brookview. Conventional lenders (e.g. banks, government agencies, etc.) are typically too slow to meet the quick-close needs of real estate investors or do not have the flexibility to structure loans on non-cash-flowing properties in need of renovations. Investors also like the ease of approval and time savings of private lenders.

Timing is critically important. Brookview can close in 10 business days or less on our fix & flip loans, and as fast as two weeks on our commercial bridge loans. This speed in closing gives you an advantage in securing timely profit opportunities, given that the best deals are often from motivated sellers willing to sell at a discount in exchange for quick cash. Also, your time is money, so a quick closing allows you to spend your time doing deals, instead of waiting on lengthy approval and closing processes.

Flexibility in structuring loans is also an important reason why investors chose a private lender that can fund what conventional lenders do not. And while some “big-box” institutional private lenders may not be very flexible outside their established loan programs, a boutique private lender such as Brookview can offer flexible and creative terms to match your specific needs. Brookview has many flexible financing options, including high-advance purchase and renovation funding, no interest payment options, investor credit lines, no down payment options and several other creative financing structures.
We are a nationwide lender, with certain state exceptions. If you are a sizeable investor in a state where we do not presently lend, please contact us as we might be open to adding your state to our lending footprint.
We are not a strict credit score driven lender, but we are also not a lend-to-own lender. We do understand that bad things can sometimes happen to good people, so if your credit is challenged due to unusual or extenuating circumstances, we encourage you to provide a Letter of Explanation with your application. It is best to fill out the application with Brookview by getting started here, and our Underwriting Department will review it upon submitting it to us.
Our Loan-to-Cost ratio depends on the type of property, deal structure, borrower experience and financial condition. For our Fix & Flip loans, we lend up to 90% of purchase and rehab. On our Commercial Bridge loans, we lend up to 80% of cost.
As a boutique private lender, Brookview has the flexibility to create custom solutions for our borrowers. In the past, we have funded 100% of the project costs with supplemental collateral, and no out-of-pocket cash from the borrower.
We are primarily as senior lender. However, for larger commercial projects, we may consider mezzanine loans in excess of $5 million.
Yes. Brookview values its relationship our referring brokers. Over the years, we have funded millions of dollars in broker fees. We work with borrowers and brokers to ensure fair compensation is paid to the broker at time of loan closing. Join our Broker Network.
Sure. We also have a Friends and Family Referral Program. Just refer us a name, and if the deal closes, you will be compensated you as a finder, without doing any of the work. We value everyone who recommends us to a potential borrower. Learn more about our Friends and Family Referral Program.

Fix & Flip Loans

The smallest loan we will fund is $50,000. Rehab typically may not exceed 100% of the purchase price, unless specifically approved. The minimum purchase price is $25,000. There is no maximum loan size.
Our rates and points for fix & flip loans vary depending on your experience, financial status, project viability and complexity, as well as the number of transactions we do together. Our fix & flip rates start at 7.99% and are up to 11.99%, and we have the option of financing your interest into the loan balance. Our points typically range from 1.0% to 3.0%, and again are based on the borrower, the project and track record with Brookview. There are also options to include the points in the loan balance. We also have a Zero Point Option for qualified investors.
Your track record and volume with us does matter. As you prove yourself with us and bring us more business, we can typically improve our lending terms.
Yes, we can set you up with an approved credit facility prior to you submitting a deal. Just complete your credit application. and we can issue you a Conditional Term Sheet with the specific terms and dollar amount of your credit approval. We can also provide you with property specific proof of funds letters to submit your offers.
We can typically approve you the same day, or within 24 hours of receiving your completed credit application. You may also call us at (877)734-2211. Once you are Credit Approved, you will receive a Conditional Term Sheet outlining the specific terms of your credit approval. Then going forward, you will only need to submit the Deal Submission Form when you have a identified a property to finance. We are capable of closing rush loans in as fast 7 days from the receipt of your completed Deal Submission Form.
Initially, we only need your application to get you credit approved. When you submit an actual deal for funding is when we require the supporting documentation. Get started today.
Yes, we have modest refundable one-time application fee of $195 submitted with your Credit Application and is primarily an act of “good-faith” that you are serious about this endeavor. The application fee is fully refundable if we cannot approve you. And as a gift to you just for sending in the application, you will be able to download our Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing, an 87 page manual.
No. We have a one-time application process. Once your credit facility has been approved, you typically do not have to reapply. This is a huge time saver. Should you
Yes, we have various credit line programs available. Learn More about our Credit Line Activation Program
The short answer is no. We have flexible programs available for all levels of experience for our Fix & Flip borrowers. We have the expertise, wisdom, and hands-on experience to support new and experienced investors. In fact, we can also put you in contact with training experts and coaches in-house or outside to help you. Financial condition, borrower experience, and property details are factored in to how we structure each deal.
Yes, we can refinance real estate owned and help fund the rehab. Whether you own the property free and clear or have a mortgage, we have the flexibility to refinance.
No. Brookview has NO prepayment penalties on our fix & flip loans.
Yes. For Residential Fix & Flip Loans, personal guarantees are required.
Loans are subject to a maximum LTV of up to 70% of the after-repaired-value, and up to 90% LTC. You may increase these funding levels with the contribution of additional collateral.
Yes, partners are accepted by us, provided they are true equity partners and not junior lenders. Some investors can benefit from the use of financial partners as they rebuild their credit, are limited in cash reserves or simply want to share the risk. Notwithstanding the above, we would like you to have at least some of your own capital invested in the deal.
We try to keep the fees to a minimum, but there are real costs to loan processing. To close a loan, we have two fees: 1) A Deal Processing Fee of $595 submitted with your Deal Submission Form once you have identified a property to finance, and 2) A Legal Fee of $425, which we fund in your loan proceeds. Also, any required BPO or Appraisal will be funded directly by you C.O.D.
It depends on your market, experience and financial condition. We may be able to rely on Broker Price Opinions (BPO), or other form of valuation determinant. We will need to determine the as-is and after-repaired-value (ARV) of the property based on the anticipated renovation budget.
Yes. As a matter of fact, we require it. Owning investment property in a business entity (such as an LLC) protects you and makes sound business sense. If you do not already have a debt free business entity, you will need to form one in order to borrow from Brookview. We will not lend to an individual.

Commercial Bridge Loans

“Bridge” financing is the term typically applied to a short-term loan (12-36 months) on commercial property that cannot meet the requirements for conventional/bank financing due most typically to underperformance, time constraints (must close fast), or needed renovations. This type of financing is name for its purpose as a “Bridge” to conventional financing once the property has been stabilized. There is a myriad of uses for bridge financing, such as time sensitive deals, value-add renovations, property repositioning or conversion, partner buyouts, or a host of special situations, such as a discounted payoff or other timely credit event. For more information on our Commercial Bridge program, click here
Really, we can finance any viable commercial real estate, though special use properties or raw land will typically be at much lower LTV’s. Location, as in all real estate transactions, is usually a critical factor. Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Hospitality, and Office would be high on our list. We can even finance Self-Storage.
Our rates and points depend on several factors, including the LTV/LTC, type of collateral, complexity of the project, extent of the renovations, experience of the sponsor, etc. Rates start at LIBOR+395 and can be up to LIBOR+795. Points range from 2-3%.
We can usually issue a term sheet within 48 hours of receiving the initial information we request. Closing can take place in as fast as 14 days.
The short answer is yes. While the primary focus for our Commercial Bridge loans is the underlying property/asset, we are not lend-to-own lenders. As such, we do consider the sponsors financial position and require Letters of Explanation for poor credit situations. Several factors come into consideration in underwriting our commercial Bridge loans, including borrower’s experience, liquidity, equity, property type, cash-flow, and of course, location.
We have both recourse and non-recourse options. If the project is solid, we lean toward non-recourse. If the deal is a bit funky or we are being asked to stretch, we may require a personal guaranty. In all cases, we will require the customary “bad-boy” carveouts.
While we are primarily a senior lender, we will consider mezzanine loans on a case by case basis. Our minimum loan amount is $5mm.
For cash flowing properties, we lend up to up to 80% of stabilized appraised value. For value-add loans (i.e. properties needing work and/or repositioning, often including interest reserves), we lend up to 80% of cost.
While we will always look at your costs to date, we do take into consideration increased property valuation resulting from your value-add (e.g. entitlements, renovations, increased rents, etc.)
Brookview does have the ability to finance an investor’s direct debt acquisition, however, this program is for seasoned distressed debt investors. Alternatively, Brookview can purchase distressed debt and enter into agreements with you for property acquisition.

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