I Financed Half a City Block!

Sherman describes how Brookview financed his project that took up half of a city block.  He explains that “if it wasn’t for Brookview, this deal would not have happened.”  He mentions how profitable it was and thanks Brookview Financial.

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I Financed Half a City Block!


My name is Sherman and this is my partner Michael. We are Tradewinds Realty Partners. We’re standing in front of our McCulloh Street project. We bought a half a city block in Baltimore.  The financing was arranged by Brookview Financial.  In fact, I think it’s fair to say that if it wasn’t for Brookview, this deal would not have happened.

Each one of the units we purchased for $40,000 apiece.  We rehabbed them.  We’re now in the process of selling them.  Our average sales prices have been between $135,000 and we’re selling our last units at $155,000.  You can do the math.

In any event this project would not have happened without Brookview Financial.

This is a wonderful project not only for us financially but it’s a wonderful project for the neighborhood.  This is an inner city neighborhood in Baltimore.  The types of people who buy houses like this are either first time home buyers or investors who also see how the block is changing and want to participate in the appreciation.  So it’s been very very good for everybody who has been involved.

So on behalf of Tradewinds Realty Partners: Thank you Michael. Thank you AJ. Thank you Brookview Financial. Without you this could not have happened!

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