With Perseverance, You Can Overcome Anything

Unforgettable 3 minutes! Watch the story of a once-dilapidated apartment complex that, with help from Brookview Financial, is making a dramatic comeback and community impact.

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You Can Overcome Anything!


We took over Sunrise Terrace back in August. It has been extremely dilapidated. A lot of work needed to be done.

It was neglected for a number of years. We did understand that it’s going to be a challenge. But with perseverance, you can overcome anything.

We were looking for lending partners and Brookview came across very professional, very knowledgeable. They helped us do refinancing of this property, allowing us to renovate and bring back into the rotation over 26 downed units.

Financing is a major plus. This is what permits us to be able to be conducting these renovations.

With the help of Brookview we improve the community here overall.

We replaced a number of roofs that were in dire need of attention. On the interior we make certain that we go through thoroughly the plumbing and revamp the electrical systems,  sheetrock, texture, paint, tile, sanding floors, renovating almost anything that needs to be done.

Once we complete the interior repairs, we are going to go into the exterior.  We’re putting on the new siding, breezeway roofs, and reworking the metal structures.  So, hopefully, down the road, also, we can also improve the landscaping and put in a playground and other improvements that will be meaningful for our residents.

Brookview has brought a lot to the table.  Not only the property, is it improving, but also the community as a whole.  It’s a great addition to the community in general because there is employment for local people to work here and ultimately a better appearance for the neighborhood.

I’m glad that they gave me an opportunity.  I’m glad the way they work with me:  as soon as I finish a job, they pay me.

Our ultimate goal is to bring a safe, quality community for our tenants.  Brookview is a great partner in this process.

Not only they are professional, they have extensive knowledge. But also, they are part of your team to help you think outside of the box and really find solutions that you’re not necessarily thinking of.

Brookview believed in our abilities and that part in the relationship with Brookview is so amazing.  I believe that every investor or anyone who actually looks to invest in real estate would tremendously benefit.


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