Ricardo’s First Fix and Flip Rehab Project

Ricardo is now working on his second purchase and renovation project (fix and flip) with Brookview Financial.

In the video below he speaks about his first rehab project financed with us, saying that we are “always right there when you have questions.” And when you send the draw requests, “you get the money right away.”

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Ricardo’s first fix and flip project in Meriden, Connecticut


My name is Ricardo. We are at 325 Worth St. Meriden Connecticut.

First of all, I was looking for properties all over the state and then I saw this nice property. It had really good potential. And I started from scratch.

We started painting the outside, rebuilding everything on the inside. You know it took me around 7 months to have everything done because I do this part-time.

My dream has always been to have my own business and I called so many other people, like I said. Another guy says “Why are you doing this? You will spend a lot of time, a lot of money- it’s probably not worth it.” But what’s completely different with Brookview, I mean, they really gave me good advice. They said “You want to do this? Go for it!” And the friendly way that they treated people is awesome.

They always are right there when you have questions. They give good advice. They help you out in everything that you need.

When something is done and you sent for the draws on time, you got the money right away.

They were like, you know, “We’re going to try to help this guy to make his dream come true.” They’re kind of friendly people. They really, you know, feel like family.