What I Looked For In A Lender

Dawn describes a $30-40K renovation project she completed and describes her relationship with Brookview Financial as a partnership.

In the video below, she explains that Brookview has open communication.  As she says, Brookview “is very transparent … and I like that about them”.

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What I Like About Brookview Financial


Hi. My name is Dawn and we’re here in Ashford, Connecticut.

I came upon this property about a year ago. Basically, when I started doing the analysis of the home, I realized that we were looking at about a $30-$40,000 repair.

I had contacted a few financial institutions prior to calling Brookview. I felt that they sounded very professional on the phone when I first spoke to them. I felt that they were pretty straightforward in my questions and they were very eager to send me information about their organization and I felt good about that.

As our relationship evolved, it was more of a synergy. It was more of a relationship, and more of a partnership. They are a type of an organization that has open communication.

They are very transparent as a financial institution, and I liked that about them. I don’t feel that they were hiding any type of costs or doing anything that wasn’t professional. I felt like everything was above board.

I would say that they are very eager and easy to work with, that you have a very open dialogue with them. And I really feel that they’re a very professional organization and that’s something that I was looking for with my business.

Basically, going forward I’m really looking forward at fostering that business relationship with them and bringing my business where I want it to go.